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More than 35.000t of high quality pellets every year

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Our plant Gaishorn

Our biomass CHP (combined heat and power) plant, accounting for 4.3 MWel and 12 MWth, is located in North West Styria, one of the most highly forested regions in Austria. At the site, which was built in 2007 and has belonged to the Cycleenergy Group since 2009, 2 biomass boilers and 2 turbines are operated to generate electricity, heat and steam. The raw materials mainly used are forest wood chips and forest wood waste from the local area. On this basis about 30,000 MWh of renewable electric energy are fed into the grid every year.

At around 45,000 MWh a year a large proportion of the heat generated is delivered to a neighbouring company, Mayr-Melnhof, and up to 12,000 MWh of saturated steam is used by the company Münzer for the sustainable production of biodiesel. Other heat customers nearby are our pellet plant and a new material pre-drying plant that was installed at the beginning of 2016, which considerably boosts the efficiency of the power station by pre-drying the raw material and thus reducing the level of moisture in the forest wood chips.

At the Gaishorn site we also produce up to 40,000 t of top-quality pellets annually. We obtain the sawdust and wood shavings required as a raw material for production directly from sawmills and wood processing companies in the region. If there is a shortage of sawdust, however, our wet wood shavings processing plant enables us to prepare round wood ourselves and turn it into pellets. Our pellets are solely produced according to the ENplus A1 standard, the highest standard of quality for pellets in Europe. This standard is characterised by minimal abrasion, very low ash content, high solidity, consistent size structure and a very high degree of wood purity. This is the quality that our long-standing customers appreciate.