Renewable heat for Gresten

Regional wood supply structure

Energy from the densely wooded region Eisenwurzen

Reliable operations

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Gottfried Pechgraber

Our company location Gresten

The 2.0 MWel / 5.6 MWth biomass CHP plant is situated in the densely wooded region of Eisenwurzen in Lower Austria. The CHP plant produces over 16,500 MWh of electricity a year, which is fed into the local power grid. In addition, within the scope of a long-term cooperation agreement with the local district heating cooperative, up to 10,000 MWh of heat is delivered to the district heating network to supply the municipality of Gresten and its approx. 2,000 inhabitants plus numerous companies.

The pellet business is oriented to deliver the regional customer with the highest quality and reliability. The new pellet plant in Gresten (Cycleenergy Pelletsproduktions GmbH) was built within 7 months after laying of the foundation stone. The initial operation was in the second quarter 2017. This quick realisation was primarily possible because 95% of the project volume was contractually awarded to family-owned and owner-managed companies which are located within a distance of 150km near Gresten.

Moreover Cycleenergy is convinced that the region Mostviertel is an attractive location regarding very qualified employees, raw material supply and sales opportunities with high quality EnPlus A1 pellets which is the highest quality standard for pellets in Europe. Low abrasion, very low ash content, high strength, uniform size structure and the highest wood-purity grade award this standard.

This project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (