Cycleenergy took over in January 2020 the CHP and the pellet plants in Erndtebrück, Germany

Our biomass CHP produces green electricity and renewable heat for the pellet production

An annual production capacity of 120,000 tons of EN Plus A1 certified premium wood pellets

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CHP Plant

Thorsten Emmerich
Plant Manager
+43 2753 50772 11

Franziska Weber
+49 2753 50 795 14

Pellet Plant

Robert Neumann
Plant Manager
+43 2753 50795 12

Stephanie Knebel
+49 2753 50 795 20

Ricarda Schelter
+49 2753 50795 17




Our plant Erndtebrück

In January 2020 the Cycleenergy Group took over from the energy group innogy SE the production site of Erndtebruck located in the Siegen-Wittgenstein region in Germany as all the employees. For strategic reasons innogy SE divested its biomass activities which gave Cycleenergy the opportunity to enter the German market. 

The production site is composed of one biomass CHP plant with a turbine capacity of 5 MW and a pellet plant with an annual production capacity of 120,000 tons of ENPlus A1 certified premium wood pellets.

NRW Pellets – Our brand guarantees the best quality.

We produce the best quality pellets f and we supply our customers with bulk, pallets and big-bags. Our storage capacity of 7,500 tons and our bagging station enable us to offer the best flexibility to our partners. 

The pellet plant in Wittgenstein was built in 2010 with state-of-the-art technologies. This offers us the possibility to optimize our raw material supplies between roundwood and sawmills by-products. Moreover all our raw material is PEFC certified. Thus, we always aim at delivering the best pellets.

The heat needed for the belt-dryer comes directly from our CHP plant on site. The valorization of the produced heat increases the energy efficiency of the whole site and sustains the production of a CO2-neutral product with renewable energy.

CHP Plant

The CHP plant was commissioned in 2009 and feeds around 40.000 MWh baseload green electricity per year in the grid. Every year the plant consumes around 50.000 tons of landscape wood sourced from the region. The combined heat and power technology allows the valorization of the produced heat for the drying of needed raw material of the pellet production.

The CO2 savings represent around 48.000 tons per year.

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